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To get an overview over the .NET Micro Framework, the STM32 microcontrollers, and NETMF for STM32, see this introduction:

To get an overview over NETMF for STM32 (F4 Edition), see

NETMF for STM32 - Tour d'Horizon.pdf.

You can find more documentation in the source tree at

The F1 Edition of NETMF for STM32 is already part of Microsoft's .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit. The F4 Edition should become part of the Porting Kit later as well. Before using the software, you should make yourself familiar with the Porting Kit. You can find some Porting Kit documentation at

Note that this repository here only contains deltas to the Porting Kit 4.2. Most of the files are part of the HAL (hardware abstraction layer). Some files are part of the PAL (platform abstraction layer), these are necessary to correct bugs in the porting kit. Issues have been registered for these bugs at the Porting Kit project.

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