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Different tinybooter.hex for STM32F429?

Dec 15, 2013 at 6:45 AM
I've got an STM32F407 board (STM32FDISCOVERY) that I've successfully put the .NET Micro Framework on using the instructions provided. It works well.

I have recently received an STM32F429I based board (STM32F429I-DISCO), and since it's got the built-in LCD I thought it might be interesting to put the MF on it as well. I went through the same steps with the same files and all seemed to be working, but after I put tinybooter on the board and hooked up the other usb cable, the STM32 .Net Test entry doesn't appear in Devices and Printers and MFDeploy can't ping it.

I'm guessing/assuming that there is some difference needed in the tinybooter for the F429I. Has a bootloader for that hardware already been created?