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Can't program STM32F4 after installing NETMF and program with c#

Feb 10, 2014 at 8:18 AM
i erase the chip and sectors an program chip with tinybooter.hex through STM32 ST-link utility.
then i deploy ER_CONFIG.hex and ER_FLASH.hex to my STM32F407. after that i could program my micro controller with c#(MsVS 2010).
but now i want to program my micro with c++ and c through Keil and IAR compiler.
i have done this and program micro with IAR but my code which worked well before erasing chip now doesn't work and i can not debug and compile my code line by line.

is there something special to do for programming again with IAR or Keil means compiling c and c++ code and run it ??

is there any bootloader that i have to install ??

thanks alot