"Congratulations! Great to see this cooperation across different NETMF manufacturers, and your leadership. I’m particularly grateful since you’ve paved the way for a halving of the cost of Gadgeteer mainboards!"

James Scott, Microsoft Research, Cambridge

What others are saying: http://www.mountaineer.org/netmf-for-stm32/endorsements/

Microsoft's new NETMF team has created a GitHub account for NETMF. We will migrate NETMF for STM32 to the Microsoft repository during May and June 2015. Please see there for the most current version of our sources, for registering issues, etc.: https://github.com/NETMF/netmf-interpreter

This repository here will not be updated anymore.

We will see where porting-related discussions will end up eventually. For the time being, we expect the GHI forum at https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/board?id=28 to remain important.

Project Description

This repository contains the sources of NETMF for STM32 (F4 Edition) as a delta to the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit.


The project is currently set up with three Mercurial branches: the default branch into which the Mountaineer group commits its updates, the MFUpdate branch where markmun has added his example solution for the MFUpdate/Microbooter feature, and the Bugfixes branch where project members can suggest bug fixes.


The software can be compiled with the Keil MDK-CortexM/Standard/Professional tools. There is no support for other compilers.

Evaluation Boards

Our Mountaineer boards http://www.mountaineer.org/mountaineer-platform/ are the reference hardware for NETMF for STM32. In the source code, a number of solutions for other boards are provided, in particular for various EVAL and Discovery boards of ST Microelectronics.


Some other NETMF ports that have been derived from NETMF for STM32:
http://www.mountaineer-boards.com/prime/ for our own Mountaineer * boards
https://ghiopensource.codeplex.com/ for FEZ Cerb* boards by GHI Electronics
http://netduino.com/downloads/forums/netduinofirmware_source_4.3.1.0.zip for Netduino * by Secret Labs
http://www.st.com/web/en/catalog/tools/PF254162 for STM32F429 Discovery kit by STMicroelectronics
http://netmf4fm3.codeplex.com/ for Spansion FM3 by ksekimoto
https://stm32f4netmfgcc.codeplex.com/ for GCC compiler by jmatyas

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